Brad Treeby & the Simplists - The Greys Of London

The Greys Of London Cover
1. The Greys Of London (3:29)
2. White Spaces Blank Faces (4:43)
3. It Flows (3:50)
4. A Storm Is Coming (4:43)

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Brad Treeby (guitar / vocals)
Mehmet Raif (bass guitar)
Marv-ill Superlungs (beatbox)
Rhys Owen (sax)

Liner Notes:
© 2012 Brad Treeby and the Simplists | All songs by Brad Treeby | Recorded in London, UK and Albany, Australia | Engineered by Brad Treeby | Mixed by Shaun O'Callaghan at Studio Couch | Produced by Brad Treeby | Cover artwork by Petrie | Released in memory of Shaun O'Callaghan