About Brad Treeby & the Simplists

A sound, a structure, an ideology. An unmistakeable syndicate of beats and melody. Forged from the combination of acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, and human beat-box, the sounds of Brad Treeby & the Simplists are accessible yet truly unique. Brad TreebyThe music draws on influences from roots, folk, Aussie hip-hop, and jazz, and the results are both organic and refreshingly honest. Originally formed in Perth, Australia, Brad Treeby & the Simplists spent a number of years playing in London on the same acoustic circuit as songsmiths like Ed Sheeran and Lester Clayton. Brad is now based in Canberra, Australia.

Prior to the Simplists, Brad Treeby spent several years as guitarist and front-man for Australian acoustic roots band, Dusk. The band played regularly around Perth and spent much time touring Australia's south west. In 2006 the band released their debut and only release, The Fragile Escape / Butterflies EP. The title track, The Fragile Escape, was featured a number of times Triple J's Roots n All, a program on which the band were also a guest during a 2006 tour to Melbourne.

Growing up near the small town of Albany in South Western Australia, Brad Treeby's musical journey began out of a desire to creatively express his perspective and sentiment. Almost ten years later, he has grown to be a gracious songwriter and an adept performer. His latest project consolidates these ideals, revealing a new level of purpose, musicianship, and maturity.

Brad Treeby